This is the second article the fine art of Pub Crawling and just in case you missed the first one, I will reiterate the basics. Public transportation is the way to go in order to avoid parking, traffic and driving under the influence issues. There are two more rules to follow to insure an enjoyable experience. First, make sure you have a plan to get home and second, make sure you eat at some point during your adventure.

Now let us get started shall we? My preferred mode of transportation is BART for three reasons. There are several pubs located within short walking distance of the stations, the trains come at regular intervals and as long as you avoid commute times you can be fairly comfortable.

We will start on the Pittsburg-Baypoint line. The Pacific Coast Brewpub is about a block and a half from the 12th Oakland station and is a good place to start or finish. Pacific Coast pours several guest beers as well as there own fine selection, the food is good and they feature outdoor dining.

Three stops up the line is the Rockridge station, which features two multi taps within walking distance. Ben and Nicks is about half a block south of the station on College Avenue. They have about two dozen beers on tap and serve food also. Three blocks to the north of the station also on College Avenue is Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub, which has very good food and thirty beers on tap.

The next station destination is Walnut Creek where there are two more brewpubs within walking distance. The walks here are a little longer but walking clears your head and builds thirst. Head straight out of the parking lot and you will be looking at N. California Blvd, go about six blocks to Bonanza and turn left. Turn right at Locust (one block) and Pyramid Brewery is right on the corner of Locust and Cypress. Pyramid pours a full line of their beers and also serves a full menu. Get back to N. California and head back towards the BART station. When you get to N. Main turn right and proceed about three blocks. There you will find Black Diamond Brewing, which also features fine food and a selection of their excellent beers.

Now you can hit all these places in one day or just do two or three. You can start at either end and go either way. You can even go to one of the multi-taps and do your pub crawl in one spot, it is entirely up to you. Just get out there and try some new beer and remember moderation and getting home.



Chef Bruce