There are many benefits to community involvement besides that wonderful warm feeling you get. This year The Chefs Association of the Pacific Coast has embarked on a more ambitious program of community involvement. We have in the past been involved one an individual basis and to a lesser degree a variety of charitable causes. However, with the state of the economy today with massive funding cuts and the current employment situation, many grassroots job-training programs in the foodservice field have sprung up. This presents an opportunity for us to become active and give back to our community. We can donate, not out of our pockets, but by sharing our skills and passion for our craft. The Chef’s Community Committee has already made some connections to a handful of volunteer organizations that can benefit from the talents of an experienced Chef or two. The committee will be seeking volunteers who can do cooking demonstrations, assist with training classes, teach basic kitchen skills, sanitation. Please bear in mind we are not talking about a second job, but two to six hours a month and one time appearances here and there.

The second part of our program involves being auctioned at fund-raising events to cook dinners in private homes to benefit charitable organizations. Let me give you an example, on Wednesday May 21st a dozen of our chef members were auctioned by Narsai David at The Ritz Carlton Hotel to benefit the Raphael House. The Raphael House houses and feeds homeless families with young children and assists them to get back on their feet. The CAPC chefs raised over $40,000 and our part of it is to go to the highest bidders home and present a five-course dinner for eight people. The donations cover the cost of the food and the chef benefits by being introduced on stage to a well-heeled crowd, the opportunity to meet possible new friends and customers, not to mention that good feeling that comes from helping others. The Chefs Community Committee needs volunteers for this activity also.

This is the initial year of our program and we are interested in growing it larger year by year. If you do not belong to the Chefs Association of the Pacific Coast, this is an added benefit to joining our network of professional chefs and the other fine individuals that makeup our industry. If you already belong to the association, this is a great way to get involved and add to your skills, knowledge and connections both in and outside the culinary community. Please contact me directly at 510-923-1547 or


Chef Bruce